Throughout your pregnancy, you wait for the most important moment-the birth of a child. You take great pride in your new function: being a mom. More and more often you think about this moment when you will take the baby in your arms and start a life together. What will the birth look like? How will you spend your first moments with the baby?

Before the term of childbirth – preparation

If only you have the strength, then a few days before giving birth you begin to intensively organize your affairs, and perhaps you start cleaning the house, you even arrange long-forgotten items, because at this moment many things are of great importance to you. The room or cot of the baby is already waiting for his arrival, the bag to the hospital has long been packed in the right place, and the birth plan, if you have prepared it, has been carefully analyzed and refined many times.

Until finally this day comes-one of the most beautiful in your life. The day your child is born will be filled with both joy and anxiety. These different, so contrasting emotional states are quite natural, especially just before birth, and entered into the final period of pregnancy.

The first meeting with your child, whether it went according to plan or went completely differently, is usually beautiful and full of extraordinary emotions.

Childbirth-a complex physiological process

Childbirth is not only a miracle of birth, but also an extraordinary physiological process caused by the maturity of the fetus. Childbirth determines the time of transition of the child from intrauterine life to a separate and independent life. childbirth-a-complex-physiological-process

  • During childbirth, a number of processes occur, thanks to which the child is born, and then the amniotic fluid (amniotic fluid) and the placenta are excreted from the body.
  • Sometimes it happens that the amniotic fluid leaves earlier, heralding the onset of labor.

Regardless of this, the first moments after birth can be for young mothers not only beautiful, but also difficult. Therefore, it is worthwhile to prepare mentally for them, so that they turn out to be easier than we imagine.

Immediately after delivery – placenta delivery

After a while after the birth of your child, the last stage of labor occurs, that is, the birth of the placenta. Most women are then in a state of euphoria and practically do not feel the moment when the placenta under the influence of painless contractions is expelled outside.

It is the doctor’s job to check that the placenta has been completely removed from the body. If it turns out that this did not work and part of the placenta still adheres to the uterus, doctors must perform a procedure to remove its remnants, using the so-called spoon-feeding.

The procedure of uterine tubing involves careful removal of the entire placenta from the uterus and lasts from several to several minutes. It is not very pleasant, although most women after the difficulties of childbirth do not feel it as a great discomfort.

It is worth remembering that the sensations after childbirth are very individual and it may happen that you will demand anesthesia because of the tenderness that you feel now much stronger than before. Then you can ask for anesthesia, which will provide more comfort and probably speed up the whole procedure.