We can help save lives

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ALSO FOR THE “CORONA VIRUS” PREVENTION IS IMPORTANT !!!You can help save lives by changing your lifestyle habits for a while!Thanks to the better hygiene and living conditions and thanks to vaccines and new therapies we had forgotten how fearful the consequences of the rapid spread of some virus strains can be.

Perhaps this is why many of us struggle, even in the last few days, to realize the gravity of the situation we are experiencing in Italy at the moment. It is clear that the COVID-19 coronavirus does not affect everyone in the same way.

There are those who become infected and do not even notice it, those who develop a mild flu-like form, those who, on the other hand, like the elderly with more pathologies, people with less efficient immune systems and those who already have respiratory problems can die in a short time of a very serious pneumonia which, without the support of machines that help them breathe, can lead them to death in a short time.

The epidemic is at such an important level of spread that probably in some regions and hospitals a choice of priority will have to be made between who to attach to the respirator and who to let die.

This will include age, the chances of survival, and other similar factors. The older, the weakest, the sickest will be those most at risk of not being able to take advantage of intensive care care. The problem is everyone’s, no one can afford to be selfish and ignore the health needs of the community.

We cannot pretend we don’t know and continue to behave as if we are not facing a possible health catastrophe. What the National Institute of Health (ISS) calls social distancing measures are precisely aimed at avoiding a great epidemic wave, with a peak of cases concentrated in a short period of time that would prevent good care for anyone.

We all must adopt ways of life that avoid the spread of the virus: respect hygiene rules, avoid grouping together, limit meetings with friends, and other social practices we are used to (pizzeria, dinners, aperitifs, dance, etc.) .

Only with the help that each of us can give, can we make sure that everyone has the best care. It is absolutely necessary EVERYONE TO ADOPT A RESPONSIBLE ATTITUDE, all together we would do it for sure.

How all citizens can contribute:All elderly people or people suffering from chronic diseases or with multimorbidity (i.e. they have more than one disease, such as diabetes, hypertension, chronic respiratory disease, etc.) or who have congenital or acquired immunosuppression

(the immune system works less), must avoid leaving your own unless strictly necessary and avoid crowded places where you cannot keep a safety distance of at least one meter between one person and another;

All elderly, young and very young people must limit, where possible, travel to strictly necessary cases; The schools have not been closed to allow the children to go around all day and evening but to keep them at home and in this way stop the transmission of the virus !!!

On this it is the parents who must develop a sense of responsibility in children and young people and must be vigilant so that by going around they do not make the measures that have been taken by the government useless. A child or young person even without symptoms may have been infected with COVID-19 and can spread the virus to grandparents, elderly relatives, parents.