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Message from the
Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau

Due to recent news concerning the Army intervention in the city of Rio, and some distorted press, we would like to clarify that it is business as usual in Rio de Janeiro!

Like New York, London, Paris and other major cities in the world, we live today in many destinations in the plain view of the military presence in our day to day. Which is fortunate to preserve the security of all locals and visitors.

Not unlike others, Brazil is taking the same position and due to situations in selected favelas surrounding Rio, it is a wise and preventive step to curb localized incidents.

We at the RioCVB applaude the actions as we do in all major cities in the world, and be assured that this only enhances the security for all travelers. Brazil has social issues that are being attained to by the local and Federal Government, and they are facing these issues head on.

Unfortunately, the press put this in a hostile light which is not a fact, would it not be an issue, if we did not take the necessary steps?

We had 1,5 million tourists during Carnaval two weeks ago beating all records, following with Phil Collins filling Maracanã Stadium, Foo Fighters amongst others, The Rio Tennis Open a WTA event finished this Sunday, we are receiving this week the Rio Music Conference with 15,000 participants, there is no reason to reconsider you coming to Rio.

It’s business as usual and we are at your disposal for further details and information, which is essential that we tell the facts and thank you for the query.


Sonia Chami

Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau