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Pharmaceutical company Pfizer said clinical studies have confirmed the effectiveness of its Paxlovid antiviral pill against Covid-19, which reduced hospitalizations and deaths among at-risk people by nearly 90% when taken in the first few. days after symptoms appear.

The results are based on tests conducted on over 2,200 people and confirm the results announced last month by preliminary studies. The company also said the treatment appears to be effective against the Omicron variant.

For Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, the new drug (Paxlovid) could “save lives”. The study, says the pharmaceutical company, showed that the pill reduced the need for hospitalization in high-risk adults with Covid-19 by 89% if the treatment was given within three days of the onset of symptoms and the disease. 88% when administered within 5 days.

And the lab data, Pfizer says, also shows that the pill also appears to be effective in treating people infected with the Omicron variant. “We are confident that, if authorized or approved, this potential treatment could be a key tool in helping to stop the pandemic,” Bourla said.Molecules already in use in the treatment of HIV and hepatitis C.

Paxlovid – reads the website of the Veronesi Foundation – is a “molecule proposed by Pfizer with some small changes in the structure after an initial experimentation 19 years ago against the Sars virus.

In this case, the drug, taken orally, belongs to the category of protease inhibitors, a class of molecules already in use in the treatment of HIV and hepatitis C. Paxlovid, entered the cells, is able to inhibit the activity of a component (the C3-like viral protease) that the virus uses to assemble the proteins of which it is made.

If this function fails, the virus is no longer able to perform its function. To function at its best, however, the treatment also involves the administration of an old HIV drug -ritonavir- which has the task of increasing paxlovid’s duration of action “.

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