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Of those who use the mobile solution, most use the zero km Healthcare credentials (90%), while 10% enter with the SPID, the Public Digital Identity System, which allows access to many of the online services of the Public Administration. . As many as 97% believe that accessing the app is very (50%) or fairly (47%) simple.

One of the novelties to try was, as mentioned, the management of linked profiles: 15.2% of respondents have minor children or people under their protection to whom the Dossier was activated and were therefore able to test its functionality: inside of the app linked profiles are found very (26.7%) and quite (40%) easily, positive feedback for the way it was designed.

Skipping to the chapter on using the app, almost 67% of you have had the opportunity to collect a drug at the pharmacy through the app in the last two months and managed to complete the operation, while some members did not go all out smooth. For example, you told us that “the doctor’s prescriptions do not appear” or that “when the medicine was collected, the app warned me but 2 days have passed”.

Also the renewal of the request for a drug is a function that is often used and was successful in 52.5% of cases, even if there are some problems such as “the list of drugs that should be prescribed to me does not appear” or “via WhatsApp does not report the name of the drug “. We are trying to solve all these problems, which often depend on the smartphone version.

The texts and instructions in the app are simple and clear (much 50% or quite 47%), while the elements and clickable buttons can be improved.In general, 18% of respondents told us they had some problems with the app but, on the other hand, you wrote us some good advice.[adult-black-and-white-boss-1365441]

Starting from your feedback, we will soon try to implement the following improvements:
– enable the ability to navigate “back” between the app screens using the smartphone button on Android devices without this action leading to immediately exiting the app;- improve the section of notices to be read;

– many have asked us to be able to save access passwords without entering them every time: unfortunately, by law this cannot be done! However, we are committed to improving the contextual help at the time of login, that is to better explain what type of password and which username users need to authenticate.Thank you for the precious help you have given us this time too.