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Millennium Development Goal 6 and the Right to Health: Conflictual or Complementary?

The MDGs are the world’s biggest promise on how to reduce global poverty and human deprivation. Formulated as goals to be implemented at national level and based on result-oriented outcomes, they appear devoid of all human rights commitments. This paper explores how MDGs fit into an international law framework, and how MDG 6 on combating HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis can be integrated into the right to health. The discussion determines whether the MDG 6 can be re-cast or readjusted to foster real participation, non-discrimination as well as equality, accountability, and access to health. Can the leading proponents from both sides chart a new route that could integrate rights and anti-poverty strategy through the MDGs?

Original in English.

Submitted in May, 2010. Accepted in June, 2010.