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The first “Borgo della Salute” will be built in Rignano Garganico and San Marco in Lamis, in the province of Foggia. The idea is promoted by Auser, the Group and local entrepreneurs:

For health and social and health care 24 hours a day for the frail elderly and the disabled.

images-8“The world of chronicity is an area in progressive growth that involves a significant commitment of resources, requiring continuity of assistance for long periods and a strong integration of health services with social ones and requiring residential and territorial services that have not been sufficiently designed so far. and developed in our country “(Ministry of Health – National Chronicity Plan).

The ongoing Covid Pandemic has taught us that today assisting a chronic patient, both self-sufficient and non-self-sufficient, in an old-fashioned residential structure is rather prohibitive. This is why business ideas are being born that can guarantee the patient’s health and at the same time his safety and that of the caregiver.

The Project.

The idea is simple: to transform the small town of Rignano Garganico (FG) into a Borgo della Salute (otherwise known as the Diffused and Domiciliary Health Care Residence – RSADD), equipped with a central residence where to assist non-self-sufficient patients and carriers of pathologies chronic highly disabling; of residences for home and widespread care of elderly and disabled patients, polypathological and with reduced autonomy;

images-9of companies capable of investing in the disabled, especially pediatric and adult users with the spectrum of autism; a theater that acts as a meeting place for playful and recreational activities; of an Archive of Memory, so that the knowledge and experiences of our elderly and disabled people are never forgotten.

To these must be added the services that the community of San Marco in Lamis (FG) is already able to offer: Territory Hospital, Telemedicine, essential services, manufacturing companies, businesses, accommodation facilities, auditorium for conference events and more.

Where it will be located.

The Residenza della Salute could be located in the former Elementary Building “Padre Antonio Maria Fania” in Rignano Garganico and annexed structures, incorporating the services already in place (Elderly Center) and those potentially feasible (canteen, mini-lodgings, gym, etc.).

It will take care of assisting Users who are no longer self-sufficient and sufferers of highly disabling diseases for which home management is unthinkable.The Dimore della Salute, which can be built or incorporated into the design idea both in Rignano Garganico and in San Marco in Lamis, can be divided into three categories:

• Accommodation owned or available to the Client;
• Accommodations owned by the Borgo della Salute;
• Accommodation made available by third parties.

In these residences the patient will be followed 24 hours a day, with Telemedicine systems, targeted video surveillance and continuous assistance from health and social health care.The Residence of Health.

The Residence will be organized as a mini-hospital and equipped with highly qualified personnel: GPs, Medical Specialists, Nurses, Wound Care Experts, Social Health Operators, Physiotherapists, Speech therapists, Professional Educators, Occupational Therapists and other health and socio-medical professionals. sanitary.

It will be able to accommodate Users with completely disabling poly-pathologies, up to the maximum capacity allowed by the relevant regulations. It can be divided into Upper Valence, Middle Valence and Lower Valence, based on the type of assistance required. It must be equipped with a canteen service for Guests and Employees or Collaborators.