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Other substances that can be used to remove graphene oxide are:

1) astaxanthin
2) melatonin
3) milk thistle
4) Quercetin
5) Vitamin C
6) Vitamin D3

Understanding the connection between EMF, 5G, graphene oxide, hydrogel and Covid

Perhaps many of you, like me, have not escaped Meinstream’s hysterical reaction to any alleged link between the launch of the 5G communications network and the COVID19 operation. Especially at the beginning of this fake epidemic of their genocide of graphene disguised as covid vaccines

It is now clear why and that is exactly their style of lying, stealing and cheating.

And the more hysterical the reaction, the clearer it becomes that something is wrong. Graphene oxide is in fact activated by electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), in particular the frequencies that are part of the 5G spectrum.

  • All materials have the so-called electronic absorption band.
  • An absorption band is a range of wavelengths, frequencies or energies in the electromagnetic spectrum that are characteristic of a particular transition from some initial state to some final state in a substance.
  • It is the specific frequency above which such a substance is excited and oxidizes very quickly.

Be An Engaged Health Care Consumer | Froedtert & MCWThe frequencies emitted to humans who have graphene oxide accumulated in their body can cause graphene oxide to multiply very rapidly in the body, upsetting the balance of glutathione itself and causing a cytokine storm in a few hours.

Graphene oxide is the main ingredient of hydrogels patented by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). It is these hydrogels that are found in Covid vaccines, PCR swabs, as well as respirators and masks.

A conductive hydrogel is a polymer-like material that has quite unique properties and uses. Different types of conductive hydrogels have been developed and used in many things, in our food, in water and today even injected into our body in alleged vaccines. Conductive hydrogels contain nanotechnology that binds to human DNA and can be controlled by 5G sensors.

They allow for the collection of data and the manipulation of DNA.

Conductive hydrogels allow the tracking and total control of humans. There are already THOUSANDS of peer-reviewed scientific studies and articles discussing conductive hydrogels, so this isn’t really a Mad Mind conspiracy. As supporting documentation, here is a short list of some related studies.

How to find a good health clinic in Japan - GaijinPot InJapanI offer here in English PDF format the document “Summary characteristics of hydrogel and quantum dot nanotechnology” for free download by readers: summary-of-hydrogel-quantum-dot-nanotechnology-characteristics. It is from these studies that we can draw a synthesis of some of the characteristics of conducting hydrogels.

In general, the characteristics of conductive hydrogels can be summarized as follows: self-regeneration, electrical conductivity, transparency, resistance to freezing, elongation, self-regeneration, sensitivity to stimuli, which of course also means that it does CERTAIN THINGS when struck by electromagnetic radiation of the frequency of the 5G band which is 26GHz (or other frequencies too).

Today we are absolutely surrounded by EMF radiation

Everywhere from cell phones, TVs and Wi-Fi. Many areas are already switching to 5G, and investigations have been conducted that clearly show a correlation between the rollout of 5G networks and Covid outbreaks in some areas.

ASSIST and Project HOPE join forces to save the lives of Filipino healthcare workers | Asia Research NewsTo better protect yourself from graphene oxide poisoning and especially from the activation of graphene oxide in the body by electromagnetic radiation, there are some things to do to limit your exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Some tips on how this can be done include: if possible, don’t live in a city with many towers, turn off Wi-Fi for the night if possible, and stay away from all smart meters and other so-called smart devices if possible. Another option is to use EMF protection products such as so-called orgone energy devices that help transform EMF radiation to mitigate its otherwise highly damaging effects.