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Mastering Techniques for Screening of Breast and Cervical Cancer and Management of Cervical Pre-Invasive Lesions

Date: October 14th, 2018

Time: 09:00 – 15:00 including a lunch break

Location: Riocentro – Room to be confirmed

Language: English

Organisers: FIGO Gynecologic Oncology Committee and Partners


A. Interactive video demonstrations of normal and abnormal colposcopy cases (facilitated by IARC and IFCPC)
B. Stations for hands-on training:

  • VIA (facilitated by Jhpiego)
  • Cryopop (facilitated by Jhpiego)
  • Breast examination on models (facilitated by Jhpiego /RCOG)
  • Cryotherapy (facilitated by IARC/LOC)
  • Thermal coagulation (facilitated by WISAP/Liger)
  • LEEP (facilitated by LOC/IFCPC)


  • Dr Neerja Bhatla, FIGO/ IFCPC
  • Dr R. Sankaranarayanan, FIGO/IARC
  • Dr Partha Basu, IARC
  • Dr James Bentley, IFCPC
  • Dr Theresa Freeman Wang, IFCPC
  • Dr Saritha Shamsunder, IFCPC
  • Dr Paulo Naud, IFCPC, LOC
  • Dr Carlos Santos, LOC
  • Dr Isabel Cristina Chulvis do Val, IFCPC, LOC
  • Dr Ricky Lu, Jhpiego
  • Dr Rashmi Asif, Jhpiego
  • Dr Geeta Chhibber, Jhpiego

Workshop Outline:

This pre-congress workshop will train participants in various techniques of screening and treatment of pre-invasive lesions of cervical cancer and early detection of breast cancer.

Breast and cervical cancer together are the leading causes of death among women both in the developed and developing world. Awareness of early signs and symptoms and screening by clinical breast examination remains a recommended approach for early detection. In countries where women may not have access to organized screening programmes, development of cervical cancer can be prevented using relatively simple, low-cost screening and treatment approaches.

This highly interactive and practical course will be conducted by facilitators with years of expertise in the field of breast and cervical cancer screening and management. An interactive video demonstration of normal and abnormal colposcopy cases will provide a refresher to OBGYNs trained in colposcopy and learning opportunities for those with a keen interest.

Participants will then rotate through a variety of skill stations tha will use a variety of exciting learning aids and ample opportunity to practice different available techniques of varying complexity. For cervical precancer, these range from identifying suspicious lesions by visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA), treatment with traditional cryotherapy, cryotherapy with a new cost-effective device (Cryopop), thermal ablation techniques (thermal coagulation) and Loop Electrical Excision Procedure (LEEP) for high-grade lesions.  Breast examination will be taught on models. The true-to-life material makes the model ideal for learning and practicing clinical-examination skill of the breasts.

The target audience will be OBGYNs, physicians and nurses as this workshop provides a comprehensive learning package at different levels of health care. Scarcity of specialists in low, middle income countries further necessitates task shifting by training medical officers and nurses to improve women’s access to available preventive approaches for such common but preventable cancers.














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