Health services at various stages of the breast cancer early detection program

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Basic stage: mammography
A mammogram involves taking two pictures of each breast and a description of the examination. The result should be issued within 15 working days from the date of the test. If it is necessary to perform additional tests, the doctor directs the patient to the stage of in-depth diagnostics and informs the woman where such tests are performed.

In the case of providing mammobus services, the mammobus parking stand must be planned so as to provide patients with adequate social facilities during the provision of services (cloakroom / changing room, access to the toilet, etc.).

Procedure for issuing test results:

the correct test result, in the absence of risk factors, can be provided to the patient by mail, with the recommendation to return to the test after 24 months;
the correct result of the examination, with the coexisting risk factors specified in the program, can be provided to the patient by mail, with a recommendation to report for the next examination after 12 months;

in the case of an incorrect test result performed in stationary conditions, the patient is informed about the need for further diagnostics; if he does not report the results within 3 months, he / she is summoned to collect them; in the event of an incorrect mammobus test result, the patient is informed (in writing and / or by phone) about the need for further diagnostics; the entire documentation is handed over to the patient or – in agreement with her – to the service provider performing in-depth diagnostics

in the event of an incorrect test result and the inability to contact the patient or the patient does not respond to the patient’s call, a copy of the documentation is sent to her primary care physician together with a request for intervention; information about the patient’s belonging to a primary health care physician can be obtained from the IT system provided by the National Health Fund or from the provincial department of the National Health Fund competent for the patient’s place of residence.
In-depth diagnostics stage: ultrasound and biopsy

The stage of in-depth diagnostics includes:

  • medical advice: physical examination, referral for necessary examinations as part of the program implementation, evaluation of the results of the tests and diagnosis.
  • performing supplementary mammography and / or performing breast ultrasound; the decision to perform a breast ultrasound is made by the doctor, taking into account,
  • among others: the result of mammography, the result of palpation, the structure of the
  • mammary gland, the use of hormone replacement therapy, the need to differentiate
  • between a solid tumor and a breast cyst
  • performing a fine-needle / core-needle biopsy under the control of imaging techniques with cytological / histopathological examination of the collected material
  • making a decision on further proceedings and confirming it by issuing a referral for further diagnosis or treatment