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It is compulsory that authors send a file corresponding to the electronic poster in PDF FORMAT WITH ONLY 2 PAGES (one for Col disclosure and the other for your e-poster) through the link below.

Essential Information:
1. This doesn’t have to be the final version of your presentation;
2. You can access your presentation on site but remember that PDF files are NON- EDITABLE
3. If the POSTER you submit now is complete, you do not have to re-submit it at the Congress but checking yourself in at the Media Desk and checking your POSTER at least 1 hour prior your session is mandatory.
4. It is essential that authors bring a backup copy of their presentations;
5. Only posters submitted up to September 10th will be available to accessing on site.

Please note that all poster authors will also receive an email detailing how to access and use the Presentation Management system in order to upload your poster before the Congress.

If you forgot your password, access this link and click on the icon “I forgot my password”. If you do not succeed, please contact registration department at registrationbrasil@mci-group.com or abstractbrasil@mci-group.com

Please, use the username and password you have created to submit your abstract. DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.


On applying to present a poster
Keep the poster oriented towards a clinical question of some significance.
Posters should usually have a one point agenda.
Know your audience. Understand and deliver what they would be interested in.
Prepare a poster summary as you would for a scientific paper in a standard abstract format. This of course is not how the poster will appear, but is submitted to help selection and be a part of the conference proceedings.

Preparing the content
Attendees and judges at the conference will usually view posters for only a minute.
The poster has to address an important clinical issue (content) & be attractive (presentation) to get noticed. It is the equivalent of a good billboard advertisement.
On a poster, space is at a premium. Do not waste it on copious background material. Come to the point directly.
Though basic sciences are important, present only what is only of relevant interest.
List a few important references to validate scientific content.
Produce good visuals. This can be high quality photographs, graphs or charts. One or two of these are enough to catch the eye.
Do not overcrowd the poster with too many pictorials.
Less is more. Do not try to present too much. A poster has to be clear and concise to be read.

Preparing the poster
Check the guidelines for creating and submitting an e Poster.
The layout and format are critical. Be logical.
A poster should be organized such that there is a flow of the content & it is easy to browse through. Guide the viewer’s eye with numbering or arrows.
Do not use small fonts that are difficult to read.
The main points should be highlighted to make it easy to read.
Visual appeal is important.

Poster related interactions
Spend a fair amount of time near where your poster is displayed.
It is worth having a few interesting opening remarks prepared.
Be attentive to the comments and try to answer queries as best as you can.
If the details are difficult to provide, it is worth getting back to the visitor at a later point in time. This usually leaves a lasting impression.

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