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The Dwellings of Health.

In the Dimore delle Salute (home and widespread) the User will be assisted 24 hours a day through the “Assistance Network”, made up of GPs, Specialists, Nurses, Wound Care Experts, Social Health Operators, Physiotherapists , Speech therapists, Professional Educators,

Occupational Therapists and other health and socio-health professionals. Users who join the project will then be involved in recreational, recreational and why not occupational activities put in place by Borgo della Salute.

web1_life-self-mentalhealth-tips-dmtWith Telemedicine and video surveillance systems, they will be continuously monitored, also in order to prevent any emergency problems.The project also includes specific Dimore della Salute for boys and girls affected by the Autism spectrum.5. Healthcare companies.

The project will involve social promotion associations, companies and entrepreneurs eager to invest in the field of assistance and services (canteen management, call center, internal and external transport to the Borgo della Salute, bad & breackfast health, operations center, night surveillance, etc.), as well as willing to carry out entrepreneurial activities in favor of boys and girls with disabilities or those affected by the spectrum of Autism.

The Teatro della Salute.

the-drug-could-help-save-the-health-2The Borgo della Salute also includes a series of recreational, recreational and occupational activities aimed at recovering the residual functions of the Users participating in the project. In Rignano Garganico and San Marco in Lamis there are various spaces and containers, including the Parish and Hospital ones, that can be used for this purpose.The Archive of Memory.

Thanks to the local scholars, social promotion associations and cultural promotion associations that will join the project, it will be possible to create an Archive of memory, a physical and virtual container where the life experiences and knowledge of the Patients can be stored: photos, videos, documents, testimonies, books and anything else that can be transferred for future memory. For this purpose, the project involves the construction of a special Study and Research Center.

The promoters.

AUSER Association of San Marco in Lamis, Giulio Ricci Cultural Circle of Rignano Garganico, AssocareInformazione.it, foundations, local and non-local businesses, social promotion and civil protection associations.9. Possible supporting bodies.

Municipalities, Parishes, European Community, Central Government, Puglia Region, Foggia Province, Foggia Local Health Authority, Foggia University, Foggia “Riuniti” Polyclinic, Casa Sollievo della Soflievo hospital, Auser Province of Foggia.10. Possible Interactions.

images-7Local Health Authority of Foggia, Family Doctors, Family Nurses, Social-Health District of the Municipalities of Rignano Garganico – San Marco in Lamis – San Giovanni Rotondo – San Nicandro Garganico, Territorial Emergency Service 118, Civil Protection Services.11. Telemedicine.

The quality and promptness of assistance will be guaranteed by a state-of-the-art Telemedicine system. It will be useful for remote control of Vital Parameters, for the management of skin lesions, for taking timed drug therapy, for emergency-urgency management.12. Continuous staff training.

To better manage the Borgo della Salute, the continuous and highly professional training of GPs, Medical Specialists, Nurses, Wound Care Experts, Social Health Operators, Physiotherapists, Speech therapists, Professional Educators, Occupational Therapists and other health professionals and partners will be required. -health and volunteers.