Do you care about the happiness of your child?

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They will not overwhelm you so much and the more you do them, they will become a routine than they will allow you to be a clumsy mom. Remember: How much of yourself you give in the future will result in a well-mannered person! Independent childcare and help from parents or grandparents

Do everything to make her happy! And there is no better recipe in this world than just playing with a child and love! Your child needs maximum attention right now to thank you for it later, so remember, young mother, that all the parties you miss may wait, but your child will never he deserves to be left aside, so give him the childhood you would like to have and look after him as best you can

. Here you will find out why young children like to be carried on their hands so much. What should you not forget when caring for your baby? Would you like to leave everything and leave your child to grandparents or parents? It’s a sign that you need a moment to rest, but remember there is no such thing as a maternity leave!

First days with a newborn at home – what to expect? What does caring for such a baby look like? The first days of a newborn – it is at this point that parents most often realize that their lives have changed forever. Here’s how to cope with this beautiful but often overwhelming period of the first 48 hours at home with your newborn baby. We present our advice on the care and management of such a baby.

– after how many days after birth?within hours or days. If you are giving birth at home and there are no complications, you will be in your own bed right away. However, regardless of the amount of time spent in childbirth school and the number of books on parenting they have read, when a newborn is born, many young parents ask themselves, “What now?”

This is normal – a lot changes. Stay calm, don’t expect too much of yourself and don’t hesitate to ask for help Can I get help when I return home with my newborn baby? breastfeeding. Even if at first there were no problems with the infant grasping the breast, in case of doubt, it is best to re-check the attachment. A few days after birth it is necessary to check that the baby is gaining weight properly.