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It is compulsory that speakers submit a Conflict of Interest disclosure via this link by September 10st 2018


FIGO 2018 is applying for ACCME Accreditation and there are specific criteria for determining an event’s eligibility to receive this accreditation. Therefore, all presentations need to be submitted to FIGO by September 10st 2018  so all presentations can be reviewed for Conflict of Interest disclosure and Learning Objectives before the start of the event

Essential Information:
1. This doesn’t have to be the final version of your presentation;
2. You can access your presentation on site but remember that PDF files are NON- EDITABLE and do NOT support videos;
3. If the presentation you submit now is complete, you do not have to re-submit it at the Congress but checking yourself in at the Speaker Preview Room and checking your presentation at least 4 hours prior your session is mandatory.
4. It is essential that speakers bring a backup copy of their presentations;
5. Only presentations submitted up to September 10th will be available to accessing on site.

Please note that all SPEAKERS will receive an email detailing how to access and use the system to upload their presentation before the Congress.
If you haven’t received your link for system access yet, please contact us at FIGO.Programme@mci-group.com


Check and ensure your availability on the particular day and time.
Communicate with the scientific committee about their expectation of your talk if in doubt about its scope.
If you are uncomfortable about speaking on the given topic, this is the time to excuse yourself or request a possible change.

Make sure to submit a Conflict of Interest disclosure via this link by September 10st 2018 atlink

Know your audience. Understand and deliver what they are interested in.
Since you will be speaking to a group of clinicians keep your talk clinically oriented.
Be logical. A presentation should have a beginning, middle & an end – much like a good story. Don’t try to present too much.
A clear & concise presentation is always appreciated.

Making the PowerPoint
Most speakers will speak comfortably at the rate of one slide per minute.

Discuss one thought or idea with one slide.
Try not to have more than ten lines in a slide and not more than eight words in a line. Use a clear font like Arial and with reasonable size of 24 to 28 points.
Slides are a cue. Speak on what is being projected.
Avoid reading from them directly. The audience can do that by themselves.
Ensure that you are within the specified time.

Every presentation MUST have:
1. Declaration of Good Standing and Conflict of Interest Disclosure;
2. At least 3 learning objectives in your presentation;
3. A take home message for the audience with two or three important points emphasized.
4. Speakers must make use of the official template

Delivering the presentation:
Please assemble in your session room at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the session. This will allow time for the Chairs to liaise with the speakers, explain the seating set up and arrangements for questions/discussion following the conclusion of your presentation.

Treat the podium as your stage. Talk to the audience.
Presentations should be entertaining in addition to being informative. Be natural.
Stick to your allotted topic and to what you have prepared and practiced.
Avoid straying into areas allotted to the other speakers in the session.
Use the displayed timer intelligently to pace your talk. Do not overshoot the time.
Be gracious to quickly wrap up when signalled to do so by the chairperson.

Submit the presentation to the Speaker Preview Room located at the 2nd floor of the Pavilion, at least 4 hours before your talk. Please consider bringing a backup copy of the presentation on flash drive in case of equipment failure.

Speaker Ready Room Opening Hours
October 14 to 18: 7am – 7pm
October 19: 7am – 3pm

All presentations are to be in Microsoft PowerPoint format, in the ratio of 16:9 to fit the projector screen.
If you use a MACBOOK please bring all necessary adaptors.
Currently we do not support the upload of Prezi and Keynote files – Please convert your presentation to PowerPoint.
Note that speakers are not allowed to use their own notebooks – Please do not bring your own laptop or attempt to upload your presentations in your presentation room. 

Got Movies?
The preferred format is Windows Media Video (WMV).  While some conversion may be necessary, we can also accept movies created as, MP4 (ideally MPEG4 but H.264 codecs as well), AVI (Divx, Xvid, or WMV codecs), MPG (MPEG1 & MPEG2) and MOV (H264 & MPEG4). Please remember to compress your videos no matter which format you prefer. Your movie will upload faster and load faster during your presentation with no distinguishable loss in video quality. If you plan to play a DVD as part of your presentation, please notify a technician in the Speaker Media Desk so arrangements can be made for assistance in your meeting room.

Special Fonts?
If you need a specialized font, it should be embedded into your PowerPoint presentation.
We thank you once again for your willingness to join us at FIGO 2018 and remain at your disposal at FIGO.Programme@mci-group.com

















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