Children’s gynecology – how to prepare a teenager for the first visit to the gynecologist?

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One of the very important preventive examinations in women is a gynecological examination. It stresses and embarrasses many women because it affects the intimate parts of the body. The first such visit by a girl or teenager in adolescence can be particularly difficult, so it is worth preparing for it properly.

Why is the first visit to the gynecologist so important?
The first visit to a gynecologist for girls will have a great impact on future contacts with a doctor of this specialization, which is why its atmosphere and sense of security are extremely important. In such a situation it is especially important to choose a doctor who should be able to establish contacts with young people. In the case of a person under the age of 16, it is worth considering visiting a pediatric gynecologist. Children and girls gynecology focuses on the specific problems of young patients.

A particular task of the caregiver is to discuss in advance what the visit to the pediatric gynecologist looks like. If it is performed by a person entering adolescence, the first consultation of a pediatric gynecologist should primarily involve education in the field of female physiology, sexuality and methods of contraception adapted to the girl’s age.

How to prepare for a visit to the gynecologist?
When preparing for a visit to the gynecologist, it is worth taking care of appropriate clothing. A skirt or dress is much more comfortable for this examination and provides greater discretion. When putting them on during the examination, only underwear and tights should be taken off, which makes it easier to move from the place of changing to the gynecological chair.

When preparing for the first visit to a children’s gynecologist, remember to make a list of medications taken, surgeries performed and the date of the last period. You should also take care of personal hygiene. However, it should not be washed too intensively, so as not to rinse the discharge from the vaginal opening, as the doctor may want to collect it for examination

. You should also not use deodorants or powders for intimate hygiene, because the smell of discharge from the reproductive organs or the presence of vaginal discharge is important information for the doctor. Just before entering the office, the patient should empty the bladder and take care of a bowel movement. For 2-3 days prior to the visit, do not use globules, vaginal contraceptives and do not irrigate the vagina. If the patient has already started sexual life, she should refrain from it 2 days before the visit.